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Assault on Imdaar Alpha Locations Announced

Apr 23 2014 06:51 AM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

Start making your plans for May 30th-June 1st because that weekend is your chance to participate in an exciting, global preview event showcasing the fourth wave of X-Wing starfighters. Each Assault on Imdaar Alpha event features a special X-Wing tourna...

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Huge Ship and Epic Play Rules

Apr 21 2014 04:40 PM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

With the imminent release of the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack and the massive impact that the new Huge ships will soon make, FFG is presenting the Huge Ship Rules and the Epic Play Tournament Rules. The game’s developers have also provided explanatio...

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Summer 2014 Tournament Kits Announced

Apr 18 2014 02:43 PM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

FFG has announced that the Summer 2014 X-Wing Tournament Kits are now available for pre-order through your distributor or FFG’s online store. Including an event guide and new promotional materials, the kits will support tournaments, league play, or any...

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Add some bling to your A-Wing!

Apr 17 2014 07:25 PM | KimchiCrisis in AFM Articles

Here is another article by KimchiCrisis! This time he's going to show you how to pimp out your A-wing with afterburners!

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Adding Magnets to Your Ships!

Apr 17 2014 06:39 PM | KimchiCrisis in AFM Articles

Have you ever thought about adding magnets to the bottom of your ships? Check out this article by KimchiCrisis as he shows you how!

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New FAQ and Tournament Rules Updated

Apr 15 2014 03:45 PM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

With the 2014 X-Wing Regional Championship season drawing near, pilots everywhere are prepping their forces for battle. Knowing every detail about your ship and its capabilities ensures that you can make repairs and arrive home safely when something go...

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TIE Defender Preview

Apr 09 2014 12:24 PM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

The TIE Defender, one of the most recognizable starfighters from outside the classic Star Wars films, represented a major shift in Imperial policy. Standard Imperial tactics favored quantity over quality by relying on massed swarms of relatively inexpe...

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Point of No Return

Apr 04 2014 06:40 PM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

In FFG’s latest article, developer Alex Davy sheds some light on the CR90 Corvette’s design and how the Tantive IV Expansion Pack’s six missions provide players with opportunities to learn how the CR90 moves and fights. These missions also combine to f...

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Do or Do Not: Forward Reconnaissance

Mar 25 2014 03:15 PM | RogueSquadronHawkeye in Star Wars LCG

A new Force Pack for Star Wars: the Card Game is almost upon us! The Heroes and Legends Force Pack will kick off the new Echoes of the Force cycle, the second cycle for the Star Wars living card game. In the Do or Do Not article series I'll look at a new objective set each week and build a deck using these new cards. For the first installment we will be looking at the least discussed objective set from the Heroes and Legends Force Pack, Forward Reconnaissance. Whether or not you plan to test out these new cards you should take a look at this new objective set to know what your opponent might be playing next!

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Z-95 Headhunter Preview

Mar 24 2014 02:35 PM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

The Z-95 Headhunter, jointly manufactured by the Incom and Subpro corporations, was the primary inspiration for the T-65 X-wing’s design. Even though it was outclassed by the newer X-wing in nearly every respect, the Z-95 continued to see use in close...

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Evacuation of Hoth

Mar 21 2014 05:40 PM | JayRhea in AFM Articles

In FFG’s latest article, developer Frank Brooks discusses some of the new missions that the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack brings to X-Wing and how they link to form the game’s first campaign. He also looks at how Rebel and Imperial players face distin...

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