Star Wars: Imperial Assault


  1. Imperial Assault General

    Here you can discuss upcoming Expansions, stats, competitive or casual play, and anything else that has to do with Imperial Assault.

  2. Imperial Assault Rules Discussion

    This is where you can talk about rules and get clarification on any questions you may have about the rules.

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  3. Imperial Assault Tournaments and Get Togethers

    Post your local tournaments/get-together event page links here. Also post your events on the community calendar. Click "Calendar" in the navigation menu above.

  4. Imperial Assault Squad Builds and Discussion

    This is where you can post your squads/lists and get feedback from others. Here you can also talk strategy.

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  5. Imperial Assault Resources

    This is where you can post resources that you have created to help the community (i.e. squad builders, set lists).

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