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    This is the sequence of play/timing of events document that Nick Bond created to help players and TOs determine exactly when certain events take place during the game. Most controversial interactions are addressed in this document. If you have any questions or additional interactions that you think should be addressed or updated, please leave a comment below. This should be considered a living document, meaning it will be updated as necessary when new cards are released and new rulings are made.
    Sequence of Play and Detailed Timing of Effects
    Created by Nick Bond (TO)
    Terms and Concepts
    Round Sequence
    Welcome to NOVA Squadron Radio!  This week we are joined by very Special Guest, three time World Champion Paul Heaver!  We discuss the new the new Spring Kits, the Campaign Against Cancer, and the Jumpmaster 5000 preview!  We then dive into our Wave 7 part 2, with an unfortunate gap where the YV-666 which we will cover next week.  All of that and a lot more!

    NOVA Squadron Radio is:
    Ed Horne – Host
    Chad Brown – Co-Host/Editor
    Sean Dorcy – Co-host
    Bob Randall – Co-host
    Kris Sherriff – Co-host
    Richard Hsu – Co-host
    Paul Heaver – Special Guest

    Here are the show notes from Episode 43: 

    [0:00 – 1:45] Show Opening 
    [1:45 –57:55] Flight Deck 
    [57:55 – 2:30:45] News:
    NOVA Open 2016 - http://www.novaopen.com/
    Payback! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/2/10/payback/

    [2:30:45 – 3:22:45] Main Topic: Wave 7 Part II
    [3:22:45 – 3:26:15] Show Closing
    Musical Credits go out to the band ‘Insane Ride’ and their songs ‘Sound of Rock and Roll’ and ‘Wrong or Right’ found on the Free Music Archive at http://freemusicarchive.org/ 

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    Thanks for listening, and talk to you again in two weeks!

    Here is the direct link:


    Welcome to NOVA Squadron Radio!  This week we are joined by very Special Guest Wade Piche from Fantasy Flight Games and three time World Champion Paul Heaver!  We discuss the new FFG Systems Open events as well as finally take a tactical look at Wave 7 and all it brought to the table.  All of that and a lot more!

    NOVA Squadron Radio is:
    Ed Horne – Host
    Chad Brown – Co-Host/Editor
    Sean Dorcy – Co-host
    Bob Randall – Co-host
    Kris Sherriff – Co-host
    Richard Hsu – Co-host
    Wade Piche – Special Guest
    Paul Heaver – Special Guest

    Here are the show notes from Episode 42: 

    [0:00 – 2:10] Show Opening 
    [2:10 –57:00] Flight Deck 
    [57:00 – 1:23: 50] News:
    NOVA Open 2016 - http://www.novaopen.com/
    Bring the Galaxy to Life: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/1/15/bring-the-galaxy-to-life/
    FFG Suspension Policy - https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/spolicy/
    X-Wing System Open https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/x-wing-open/

    [1:23:50 – 2:45:50] Main Topic: Wave 7 Part I
    [2:45:50 – 2:49:40] Show Closing
    Musical Credits go out to the band ‘Insane Ride’ and their songs ‘Sound of Rock and Roll’ and ‘Wrong or Right’ found on the Free Music Archive at http://freemusicarchive.org/ 

    Audio Editing & Mixing by Podcast Masters www.podcastmasters.net

    Thanks for listening, and talk to you again in two weeks!

    Here is the direct link:  www.novasquadronradio.com

    Well, today's the day NOVA goes live for more than just the feverishly busy Exec Board and Leads.
    Website: novaopen.com
    Webstore: novaopenstore.com
    Schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6qMuAG1UTYaUjlzREt2d1o3Vzg/view
    Hotel Rooms: https://aws.passkey.com/g/55247835
    Things I'd recommend snagging while they last tonight ...
    SUPERNOVA ACCESS PASSES (SAP). These lasted less than one hour last year. I have no problem saying they are the best VIP program bags you can find at a tabletop gaming convention anywhere. That doesn't belittle others, either. They're just THAT good, thanks in large part to KR MultiCase and our other wonderful partners. See the SuperNOVA Triangle graphic below for more info. SWAG BAGS. Last year, over 1,200 individuals attended NOVA Open. Only the first 400 registrants receiving Swag Bags. Those Swag Bags are ALSO awesome, and this year get even more awesome due to the addition of special Golden Tickets by KR to many of the bags, good for free product (Some of it quite expensive) at the KR Booth at NOVA. It's very possible we'll clear our 400 swag bags early on this year - snag them while you can, even if you miss out on the SuperNOVA. SEMINARS. With the addition of 4-hour intensive workshops by Roman and Raffa, the return of super-popular sold-out classes by Justin McCoy and Caleb Wissenback, and the addition of very limited-space classes taught by acclaimed artist Jessica "Brushmistress" Rich, seminars are set to go very, very quickly, especially those in the most optimal time slots. Don't miss 'em. X-WING EVENTS. Last year's events all sold out. The X-wing Narrative Campaign and X-wing Hunger Games events sold out shortly after registration opening. There are fewer Hunger Games events this year, to make room for new Armada and Imperial Assault additions to the schedule. When they're gone, they're gone. In addition to the Hunger Games, we'll of course have the NOVA Open X-wing Championship tournament and the weekend long Star Wars Narrative Campaign. ARMADA EVENTS. We have a great line-up for Armada. It all starts with the NOVA Open Armada Championship to crown our first ever Grand Admiral. The fun continues with the weekend long Star Wars Narrative Campaign that links into the other Star Wars game systems at NOVA Open and ends with a epic final battle you have to see to believe. Finally, for those Admirals looking to hone their skills, we have the introduction of Last Fleet Standing; eight fleets enter, only one leaves. IMPERIAL ASSAULT EVENTS. We will also be running 4 days of Imperial Assault events this year. The NOVA Open Imperial Assault Championship along with the weekend long Star Wars Narrative Campaign should satisfy any Imperial Assault player. STAR WARS NARRATIVE CAMPAIGN. For the last three months, the Leads for X-wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault have been tirelessly developing a story that brings all three games systems into one narrative campaign that picks up where the X-wing Narrative Campaign ended last year. The mission successes (and failures) of your faction throughout all three game systems over the weekend will affect the narrative as a whole. Victorious missions in Armada might mean reinforcements for X-wing. A failed mission in X-wing could make life harder for Imperial Assault players. And be prepared for special appearances by your favorite Star Wars heroes and villains. So don't miss on your chance to fight for the cause that will drastically affect the entire galaxy far, far away. These passes will most definitely sell out quickly. OTHER GAME SYSTEMS. The NOVA Open isn't just for Star Wars. We also have Warhammer 40K, 30K, Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, Lord of the Rings, Blood Bowl, Dropzone Commander, and many more. OPEN GAMING. Our gaming ballrooms will be open 24/7 from September 1st - 4th. If you're looking to get in a game at 3am just sit down at any open table in the ball rooms with your buddies and play. ALL THE THINGS! Last year's NOVA was by about 400 people the largest yet. It only looks to get bigger this year. By and large, most of our events sold out. That is likely in 2016 as well, only at a faster pace. So don't wait to get registered! HOTEL ROOMS. This one is unique for this year. We've already booked 20% of our room block and convention registration hasn't even opened yet. You really don't want to miss out on the ability to stay in the convention hotel. Even locals and staffers now stay at the hotel instead of commuting during NOVA. There's just too much to do and too much socializing and fun to be had well into the wee hours of the morning each night.  Good luck getting the events and items you want. The NOVA's exec staff will be online and ready to triage any issues you have. Contact us at novaopen@gmail.com with any questions that arise.

    The Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack, which introduces the huge-base Gozanti-class cruiser for Epic Play, is scheduled to arrive at retailers in a few weeks. The twenty-six upgrades included in the expansion offer a wide array of new tactics for Epic Play, and the two TIE fighter miniatures and four unique aces offer new possibilities for Standard Play. There is also a new campaign of linked missions that highlights the Gozanti’s ability to transport and deploy four docked fighters.
    Of the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack’s twenty-six upgrades, twenty-one are for use only with huge-base ships, and sixteen of those can be used with any huge ship. The upgrades include two Huge ship only crew, the Ordnance Experts team, a cargo upgrade, and three new Huge ship only modifications that simultaneously present players with potent abilities and important choices about how best to outfit a huge ship. At just five squad points each, Automated Protocols, Optimized Generators, and Ordnance Tubes are all fantastic bargains that can easily define the role a huge ship is meant to play within a fleet.
    Automated Protocols is an excellent defensive upgrade, and the free reinforce or recover action that it grants allows a player to focus more on the ship’s other abilities and use them to shape the course of combat. For example, a Gozanti-class cruiser could use its coordinate action more liberally to grant free actions to other ships, or equip a Broadcast Array to start jamming enemy ships by assigning stress tokens.
    Optimized Generators are a good choice for any huge ship that is built to spend energy on upgrades. A Gozanti-class cruiser with an Ionization Reactor, Shield Projector, or Slicer Tools can used the Optimized Generators modification to help fuel those upgrades more often; while a Raider-class corvette loaded for battle with Ion Cannon Batteries and Quad Laser Cannons will be able to fire those secondary weapons more reliably and still have energy to increase accuracy with a Gunnery Team.
    The Ordnance Tubes modification converts any number of a huge ship’s hardpoint upgrade slots into missile or torpedo upgrade icons, and also ignores any text that would discard those upgrades, meaning the ordnance can be fired an unlimited number of times. On the Gozanti, this modification allows a player to threaten a massive portion of the battlefield that is encompassed by its wide front arc.
    The Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack also gives the TIE fighter swarm some new options with its two TIE fighter miniatures, which feature alternate paint schemes, as well as four new unique aces. With a wide range of synergistic abilities, these new aces will reinvigorate the swarm by introducing abilities that reshape the ways an entire squadron can work together.
    The first of the new aces is “Scourge.” While he doesn’t offer anything to his wingmen, he does capitalize nicely on any damage they have already dealt to an opponent. This can be devastating against large-base ships, like the YT-1300, that can absorb a large amount of damage before being destroyed, but offers seemingly little against a regenerating Corran Horn or a zippy A-wing outfitted with Autothrusters and Chardaan Refit.
    This is where “Wampa” comes into play. His ability allows the attacker to cancel all dice results and deal a facedown damage card to the defender if one of the canceled results is a Critical result. It doesn’t matter how agile the defender, if “Wampa” cancels at least one Critical result, the defender will suffer damage and that will grant an extra attack die to “Scourge.” Of course, scoring Critical results can be a tricky matter, even with rerolls from “Howlrunner,” and “Wampa” doesn’t have the elite pilot talent upgrade slot to equip an upgrade such as Marksmanship.
    Enter “Youngster.” This is the ace that really opens up the full range of new swarm possibilities. With his ability to grant other TIE fighters access to the “Action” abilities of his elite pilot talent, “Youngster” reshapes what the swarm is capable of doing, and also reshapes the way that players will have to consider the cost-benefit ratio of the game’s various elite pilot talents. A Marksmanship upgrade on “Youngster” is effectively a Marksmanship upgrade on “Wampa” and the rest of the TIE fighter pilots in the squadron. Outfitting “Howlrunner” with Swarm Tactics would allow “Wampa” to fire at a pilot skill value of 8, before “Scourge.” With Marksmanship and “Howlrunner’s” reroll, “Wampa” would have tremendous odds of dealing a facedown damage card to his opponent and, in turn, activating “Scourge’s” ability. Alternatively, “Youngster” could be equipped with Squad Leader so that an entire squad could pass actions to the ships that need them the most, or he could be equipped with Expose so that a swarm of six TIE fighters can roll eighteen attack dice instead of twelve, and the absence of focus tokens is largely mitigated by the presence of “Howlrunner.”
    Meanwhile, performing defensive actions with “Howlrunner” will keep her in play for as long as possible. The focus action is always a good, flexible choice, and if she spends her focus token on either attack or defense, “Chaser” can also benefit from that token. Like “Scourge,” “Chaser” doesn’t give much to other TIE pilots, but he makes their actions more effective by borrowing focus tokens from them. His ability becomes increasingly potent in a list that includes ships with higher pilot skill values so that he can charge forward, engage the enemy at Range 1, perform an evade action, and then receive focus tokens from wingmates that fire early in the battle. If “Chaser” can provide an immediate threat, he may draw fire away from other ships, and may even survive the fire that he draws with multiple defensive tokens.
    With the new tactical options that the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack’s upgrades and pilots add to huge ships and TIE swarms, X-Wing battles are bound to be bigger, bolder, and more dynamic than ever before. The wider range of roles that huge ships can now play within a fleet means they will do more than ever to enhance the massive scope and distinctive gaming experience of X-Wing Epic Play and Cinematic Play, and the new TIE fighter pilots will soon make their impact on Standard Play.
    Fantasy Flight Games has announced three Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kits for X-Wing. Normally, players secretly plot their ships’ movements using cardboard maneuver dials and templates, but now players can further customize the aesthetics of their squadron by situating each ship’s maneuver dial within a secure and stylish plastic housing.
    Whether fighting for the Imperial Navy, the Rebel Alliance, or the galaxy’s Scum and Villainy, three distinct and tournament-legal Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kits allow players to proudly display the colors and symbols of their chosen faction. Each Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit provides three sculpted plastic dials displaying the affiliation of one of the three X-Wing factions.
    To use one of the plastic maneuver dials, simply take the cardboard dial token showing a ship’s maneuvers and insert it into the secure plastic housing. Once the cardboard token is situated, complete the construction of the dial with the plastic maneuver selection marker, and the ship is ready to fly in style.
    The plastic maneuver dials provide an easy way to differentiate between dials at a glance. Each maneuver dial includes a recessed area on the back to insert a dial ID token that displays a silhouette of the corresponding type of ship. Each pack of maneuver dials includes three dial ID tokens for every ship in the game, from the T-65 X-wing and TIE Fighter in the original X-Wing Core Set, up to the T-70 X-wing and TIE/fo Fighter from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Core Set.
    Soon, every X-Wing expansion will include a dial ID token that can be used with the plastic maneuver dials, beginning with the Ghost, Mist Hunter, Punishing One, and Inquisitor’s TIE Expansion Packs, but standard cardboard maneuver dials will still be included in each expansion.
    The Winter 2015 X-Wing Tournament Kit is now available for the upcoming Winter 2015 Season, which begins in November and lasts through February. Retailers can order through their distributor or contact their sales rep (sales@fantasyflightgames.com). International retailers should contact their distributor. The Winter 2015 X-Wing Tournament Kit includes an event guide and new promotional materials to help support tournaments, league play, or any other event that local groups want to run.
    Tournament Kits are designed for use with FFG’s competitive games and can be used in several ways. The kits include prize support and promotional material designed to support competitive or casual tournament play at local retailers. The prizes found in the kit can be used to run an eight-week tournament series, host a weekly casual game night, or to support a single, large tournament. Tournament Kits also comes with a guide that provides tips and ideas on how to run a great event.
    Each Winter 2015 X-Wing Tournament Kit includes the following prizes and materials to help tournament organizers attract players:
    One exclusive Slave I medal
    Four sets of acrylic extra munitions tokens
    Four Millennium Falcon dice bags
    Two copies of a Darth Vader alternate art card
    Seventeen copies of a Gunner alternate art card
    A promotional poster featuring the Emperor’s shuttle and escort
    An informational pamphlet on running a tournament or league

    The 2015 World Championships are coming soon, and FFG wants players to be as prepared as possible, so anyone planning on attending the X-Wing World Championship should read the following before packing for the trip.
    A new damage deck was introduced with the release of The Force Awakens core set. While the updated tournament rules state that the new damage deck is not yet legal, FFG wanted to give everyone a taste of what’s to come by using the new damage deck at the 2015 X-Wing World Championship. To avoid any issues with damage decks being lost or forgotten during travel, FFG will be giving every player at the X-Wing World Championship a damage deck from The Force Awakens core set that can be used during the tournament and kept afterward.X
    Retailers can now apply for the 2016 Store Championship season, running from January 1st through March 31st, 2016. Store Championships are local events with a competitive atmosphere and serve as the first step towards FFG’s annual World Championships in November.
    Retailers and tournament organizers in the United States that are interested in hosting a 2016 Store Championship event can contact the FFG sales team (sales@fantasyflightgames.com) to be considered. Retailers outside of the United States can contact their distributor to apply. All applications must be submitted before October 16th 23:59 CST (Central Standard Time).
    FFG’s Championships are a series of events that start at the local scale with Store Championships and, over the course of each year, eventually culminate with the pinnacle of international play, the World Championships. Each successive event offers fiercer competition, larger prize pools, and bigger tournament fields.
    Unlike events that are run with seasonal Tournament Kits, each Championship feeds into the next event. The winner of each Store Championship receives a first-round bye at a Regional Championship of their choice, the winner of each Regional Championship receives a first-round bye at their National Championship, and the winner of each National Championship receives a first-round bye at the X-Wing World Championship.
    The X-Wing tournament rules outline several different categories of events in order to give players and tournament organizers a better idea of what to expect at various tournaments. Tournaments can be classified as casual, competitive, or premier. While most tournaments that are run using Tournament Kits are casual events, Store Championships are competitive-level events.
    From the X-Wing tournament rules: Competitive events require players to have general knowledge of a game’s rules. While experienced players will come to these events to compete for prizes, players should not be punished for their lack of understanding in the finer points of X-Wing rules. Players can come to these events expecting a consistent experience from store to store. This tier includes Store Championships and unique, one-off FFG-sanctioned events.
    The ultimate prize of an X-Wing Store Championship is the Regional Championship bye awarded to the winner, but there are also other exclusive prizes up for grabs, and each kit contains enough prizes for the top 32 players.
    Champion: The winner receives a Store Championship plaque and card granting one first-round bye at a Regional Championship of the player’s choice.
    Top Four: The top four players each receive one challenge coin (plus one for the judge/TO).
    Top Eight: The top eight players each receive one acrylic range ruler (plus one for the judge/TO).
    Top Thirty-Two: The top thirty-two players each receive one C-3PO alternate art card (plus one for the judge/TO).

    NOVA Squadron Radio – Episode 33: Force Awakened Core Set Part I
    Welcome to NOVA Squadron Radio! This week we are back and covering all of the Force Awakened goodness! We break down the contents of the new core set, the damage deck, the new rules and obstacles. We then take a look at the Resistance Forces found in the core set. All of that and a lot more!
    NOVA Squadron Radio is:
    Ed Horne – Host
    Chad Brown – Co-Host/Editor
    Sean Dorcy – Co-host
    Bob Randall – Co-host
    Kris Sherriff – Co-host
    Richard Hsu – Special Guest
    Here are the show notes from Episode 33:
    [0:00 – 2:11] Show Opening
    [2:11 – 1:25:35] Flight Deck
    [1:25:35 – 1:54:35] News:
    Capa Cup 2016 http://www.capacup.net/
    Enter a new era: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/16/enter-a-new-era/
    The Has Been an Awakening: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/16/there-has-been-an-awakening/
    Join the Elite: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/21/join-the-elite/
    Fight a Bigger Fight: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/10/fight-a-bigger-battle/
    [1:54:35 – 2:49:23] Main Topic: Force Awakened Core Set Part 1
    [2:49:23 – 2:53:45] Show Closing
    Musical Credits go out to the band ‘Insane Ride’ and their songs ‘Sound of Rock and Roll’ and ‘Wrong or Right’ found on the Free Music Archive at http://freemusicarchive.org/
    Thanks for listening, and talk to you again in two weeks!
    Here is the direct link: http://novasquadronradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/NOVA_Squadron_Radio_Episode_33_final.mp3
    In the first week of November, hundreds of the best X-Wing players from around the world will begin arriving in Roseville, Minnesota to participate in the 2015 World Championships. These players will compete against each other in thrilling games throughout the week, vying for the honor of being named World Champion, a chance to design a card, and a host of other unique prizes.
    Each person that registered and attends the World Championships will receive an exclusive 2015 World Championship deck box, a 2015 World Championship T-shirt, and an alternate art card for each of the games being featured that week.
    In addition to the participation prizes every attendee receives, players who do well in the 2015 X-Wing World Championship will also have a chance at other fantastic prizes.
    Completion Prize: Each player that plays through all Swiss rounds of the X-Wing World Championship receives two additional copies of the Han Solo alternate art card.
    Best of Faction: Each faction’s best player receives a faction-themed range ruler.
    Top 16: Each player receives a set of metallic-colored attack and defense dice.
    Top 8: Each player receives a 3’ x 3’ playmat.
    Top 4: Each player receives an art print of Boba Fett’s Slave I signed by the artist, Ben Zweifel.
    Winner: The World Champion receives a 2015 World Champion trophy, a 3’ x 3’ playmat, and a chance to design a card for X-Wing.

    X-Wing and its Organized Play program are stronger than ever. The game of X-Wing has the support of an amazing, worldwide community of players that gather to play in leagues or tournaments, and the release of The Force Awakens Core Set marks the introduction of a new era for the game.
    Because of new product releases, some changes are taking place within X-Wing, and players can learn more about these changes by downloading the new FAQ and tournament rules documents.
    In essence, X-Wing remains the same. Instead of rebooting the game or replacing the classic Core Set, The Force Awakens Core Set stands alongside the classic Core Set as another entry point into the game, but one set within a different era of the Star Wars universe. As a result, the new Core Rulebook presents the option to either keep consistent with the events of the films by building squads with pilots from the same era, or choosing to customize squads by mixing ships from the game’s other eras and factions. Resistance pilots can be paired with those of the Rebel Alliance, First Order pilots can go into battle alongside pilots from the Galactic Empire, and the Scum faction stands alone, relying upon a notorious blend of mercenaries, pirates and bounty hunters. When a squad is built, it is affiliated with one of these groups, and the player can utilize any of the ships and upgrades available to the factions within the group.
    The second major change, as reflected in the new tournament rules document, is that the new Core Rulebook supersedes that from the classic Core Set. This is important because there are a few key adjustments to the rules that, while limited in scope, improve the game’s consistency and permit several ships to perform as the designer’s always intended. Previously, a ship could only remove a target lock if it spent the lock or locked on a different ship, which meant ships were prohibited from acquiring a target lock on a ship that was already locked. But there is good news for “Dutch” Vander and Captain Kagi, because ships are free to re-acquire target locks on ships that are already locked in the new ruleset. In the old rulebook, the Activation phase contained an unintended glitch that resulted in a number of unfortunate interactions because of the placement of the Check Pilot Stress step after the Execute Maneuver step. Those interactions were fixed by folding the Check Pilot Stress step into the Execute Maneuver step, thereby making the whole process more intuitive.
    Finally, The Force Awakens Core Set introduces a new damage deck with a card back markedly different from that of the classic Core Set. While nearly identical to the classic Core Set’s damage deck, this new damage deck features several carefully considered changes, and will become the required standard for tournament play on January 1, 2016. The old damage deck had two cards that varied far too wildly in their effects: Injured Pilot and Munitions Failure. Depending upon squad composition, these cards were either totally devastating or effectively blank. Therefore, Injured Pilot has been replaced by the milder and more universal effect of Shaken Pilot, and Munitions Failure has been replaced by the universally devastating effect of Loose Stabilizer. Two other cards were thought to have too minimal of an effect and have been swapped for cards that will have more of an impact. Minor Explosion has been replaced with Major Explosion, and Minor Hull Breach has been replaced with Major Hull Breach. Furthermore, a number of damage cards have had their language upgraded while retaining the same basic function.
    The new update to the tournament rules contains an important change to the way tournament scoring works: players will now earn half of the squad points for an enemy large ship that is reduced to half its starting durability or lower. Previously, heavy-hitting, hard-to-kill ships enjoyed an unintended advantage in tournament play by acting as a vault for squad points, allowing players to run out the clock and win games they may have otherwise lost. Additionally, the developers have clarified what is and is not allowed during squad deployment. Players are free to use movement templates and range rulers to assist with placing ships during setup, but cannot use these tools to plan out the future movements of their ships.
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