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  1. vassal module

    There is one! All the details (link to the module download, link to an instructional YouTube video) are here:
  2. Hello, Imperial Assault players! I've built a Vassal module which allows you to play the skirmish mode (not the campaign mode) of IA. Here is a video showing how to install it and explaining the various functions: Here is a link to the module's download page (you only need to download the top-most file, as the others are there for history's sake): Enjoy!!
  3. New Jersey X-Wing Alliance

    I live in North Haledon, NJ, which looks to be about an hour's drive away from you. I'm also a member of the South Jersey / Philly Area X-Wing Alliance, though I haven't been available to play at one of their events yet. Here is a link to their Facebook page:
  4. Wedge's Wingmen

    Yes, this. Only use a Shield Upgrade when you can't use R2-D2. Or the R2-F2 and R2Astromech combo is solid too.
  5. Noob beginnings! Hey from Central NJ

    I live in North Jersey near Paterson. How far is that from you? I'd like to get together with you and your group, if you'd like. PM me if you're interested. :)
  6. First of all, big thanks to Pete for organizing this event! It was a LOT of fun, and from what I saw, everyone had a great time. When I got there, Pete had set up unique playing maps at each table, to both save time during setup (no worrying about asteroid placement), and also to add some cool in-game effects (such as a to-scale model of the Tantive IV, which could block shooting lanes). He also did a great job running the tournament. So thanks again, Pete! The squads were 66pts (45 min rounds), which was different than the normal 100; personally, I really liked it. I was unsure whether I wanted to run triple Interceptors or a Falcon/Rookie. I decided on the Rebels, because I tend to have horrible defense dice, and so I didn't want to risk 30 pts (Soontir w PTL) on evade saves. In the end, I was glad with my choice: --45pts Chewbacca (Falcon) with Mercenary Copilot and Veteran Instincts --21pts Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) Round 1: I played vs Pete and his Lambda/Bomber/Academy squad. I focused fire on the Lambda right away and had it down to 2 hull for a while...during this time I lost my X-Wing, but my Falcon was still alive and kicking, and I was able to chase down the limping Lambda (their maneuverability is miserable) for the kill and win. I had Pete's Bomber down to 2 hull as well (and maybe his Academy to 2 hull?), but time ended before we could finish. Round 2: I played vs one of the two TIE Swarms (Howlrunner and 4 Academies...66pts exactly). I lost some shields on my X-Wing and Falcon on the first round of combat, but I was able to drop a TIE. Then the following round, I had some beautiful dice (range 1) while Howlrunner whiffed, which pretty much decided the game for me. I think I lost my X-Wing in the end, but I had my opponent down to 2 TIEs, with plenty of hull left on the Falcon when the time ran out. Round 3: I played vs Double-BHs. The BHs had 20 total hits between them (5h and 5s each), while I had a total of 18 (13 on the falcon and 5 on the rookie), plus the BHs had better evade, so I knew it would be a tough match. I was wrong: it was a blowout.I didn't kill a single ship, and I think we finished with 20 minutes left or something. This was the map with no asteroids or obstacles whatsoever, and my opponent (who later made it to the finals) flew his ships with superb precision. The dice weren't kind to me, but it wouldn't have mattered. Afterward he offered some tips to me which helped me in my next game, which was also against Double-BHs. Round 4: I knew that if I won this one, I'd likely be in the top 4 (to play for prizes), and if I lost it, I'd surely be out of the race. My opponent ran Double-BHs, but this time things were different. I had improved tactics this time, and I was able to be attacking with both of my ships almost the entire time. My X-Wing was alive with 1 hull for several rounds, and during that time he must've put out close to 7 or 8 damage, and I think that was the difference. I was able to split my opponent's BHs so they couldn't focus their fire, and I had several very lucky rolls with the dice, both on offense and defense. In the end, the Falcon's 360- firing arc was more than the BHs could handle, and I finished off both ships with 4 hull left on the Falcon. This win put me at 3-1, which meant I was playing in the bronze-medal game for a prize of $20 in-store credit. Playoffs: This match was against a younger guy (12yrs old?) playing triple-Interceptors (all Avenger Squad Pilots, PS 3, and 2 of them had Stealth Devices). The first 3 or 4 rounds were just flying around and navigating the asteroid field. However, once we joined combat, this game was the most lop-sided game I've ever played. I had a total of 18 hits on my squad, and my opponent had only 9. But I was only able to put 2 damage on his ships before he blew both of my ships away. Honestly, I doubt that he rolled more than 2 misses the entire game with his red dice (after Focuses), and I didn't roll a SINGLE evade the entire game, with either ship. Furthermore, whenever I got decent attack dice, he rolled more than enough evades. In one round, the Falcon went from 12 hits (lost 1 shield from the prior round) down to 2 was insane. Those were the dice. But it was fun; he was a great opponent, and his dad and the other guys there were just as amazed at the dice as I was. The force is strong with this one. And the funniest part was, one time when I thought I had scored a hit, he said, "I have this!" and held up an evade token. lol! So I finished in 4th place, with nothing but bruises to show for it. But I had a great time. I did get to watch the 2nd half of the Gold-medal game, and I'll just say this: it was AMAZING. It came down to 1 ship for both players, with one of ships having 1 hull left, and the other having range 1. It was very memorable. So thanks again to Pete, and to all the guys for a great afternoon of X-Wing! Hopefully we can swing something like this again sometime. PS: Many of the players asked me where I got my cool acrylic movement templates. I didn't know at the time, but now that I'm home and I can search through my purchase history, I bought them from this website: Look under the "Space Fighter Move Templates" ($14.99...mine were the Transparent Dark Blue variety), and the "300mm Range Template" ($5.99). As I recall, the company took good care with the packaging, to ensure that none of them were broken in the mail.
  7. Ok, it's confirmed. I'll be there, assuming no traffic trouble.
  8. This is only 2 hrs away for me...write me down as a maybe. Hopefully I'll be able to make it.
  9. GenCon Top 4 Match Videos

    Great video of the final. I loved James' squad, but unfortunately his dice failed him...both in attack and defense. The cool part is, I remember James from back in his SWM days! Congrats man, on making the finals with such a great squadron!
  10. [Article] Crisis of Infinite Falcons

    Very helpful article; thanks! I've been playing on the periphery for a while and not really following the meta game very much, so this is really helpful for me. I have enjoyed the Chewbacca/Wedge/X-Wing build, but I got decimated in the previous tournament by a Han Shot First build. The dice weren't my friend in that game at all, but Han shooting first and shooting hard was VERY hard to counter.
  11. Ship Signatures!

    [img=][img=] Beautiful! Thanks!
  12. Ship Signatures!

    Would you make a... Rebel: 4-X, 4-Y, 3-A, 1-YT1300? ...and a... Imperial: 8-TIE, 4-TIE-Adv, 4-TIE-Int, 1-Slave ...for me please?
  13. I like this idea. I was just tinkering myself and I wondered how it would work if you adjusted it a bit, so that you're shooting at PS 9 and 8: Total Squad Points: 100 Pilot: Boba Fett (PS 8) Firespray-31 (39) Upgrades: Engine Upgrade (4) and Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Pilot: Kath Scarlet (PS 7+2) (different pilot ability) Firespray-31 (38) Upgrades: Veteran Instincts (1) and Engine Upgrade (4) and Heavy Laser Cannon (7) It's mostly the same build, but now you've got a PS 9 attacker, and you've also got Kath giving Stress Tokens to other ships, to complement the fact that your ships have more maneuverability with Boost. You are no longer guaranteed initiative, but you also aren't as restricted in your maneuvering as you are in the other build (for Swarm Tactics). Thoughts?
  14. X-Wing Storage

    Same here. I have 1 for Rebels and 1 for Imperials. I have 4 of every ship (except for the big ships) and I can easily fit everything I need.
  15. What do you all do for a living?

    Pastor. And husband, dad, soccer coach, Vassal Programmer, and part-time ninja...but don't tell anyone about the ninja part because that's secret. :?