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  1. What are your thoughts of this new game?

    This game is amazing. So much fun. It is SW in a box. One of the greatest single purchases I have made ever. Looking forward to start of organized play.
  2. Not true at all. Second largest LCG from FFG. But we have other sites devoted to the game that we use for discussion. Most SW LCG players probably aren't even aware of this site it being mainly a XWing site.
  3. Smuggler's Den is up to episode 3 now and all the episodes are on iTunes and can be found online at this link:
  4. Hoth Cycle #3: A Dark Time

    Actually if you notice the artwork on the Desolation of Hoth pack is the same as the objective card Sensors are Placed from The Search for Skywalker, pack two. So like the other LCG's the art on the box does not necessarily match a card in the pack. Also I was discussing this on the FFG forums before they went offline and someone said they have seen the newest issue of Game Trade Magazine and it has pictures of Vader, Old Ben's Spirit and another card. I mentioned my hope Vader used the same artwork as on this pack and then another poster said it does. I've asked for a scan of the pictures from the magazine but with the FFG forums being down for the count I have been unable to see if it was put up yet somewhere.