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  1. Bossk crew and gunner

    That is my take on it, as well.
  2. Sticky Rebel

    Not a lot of cohesion, but with practice it could work. The only problem is you can't use both the Dash Rendar pilot/ship and the Dash Rendar Crew. It is one or the other, but not both.
  3. Glitterstim and Lone Wolf

    The abilities are used when your are attacking or defending. Every attack, every defense for the round. "When attacking or defending" There isn't anything on the card about having to choose when. It's simply whenever you are attacking or defending, do XYZ.
  4. [Article] K-wing Preview

    And if FFG finds it does break the game, then they will find a way to counter it, as they have always done when something in X-Wing dominates. It will be strong, but I don't think it will break the game.
  5. Hi Res Photoshop Templates

    Click the folder (or an arrow on one side of the folder image) to expand the folder's contents. Then you can select the layers individually inside the folder, instead of all of the folder's contents.
  6. TIE Aggressor

    Both of those suggestions are good ideas. Quite honestly, I'm torn between the two.
  7. TIE Aggressor

    Nice work on that model.
  8. Firespray/ Aggressor builds

    Engine Upgrade was on the Firespray.
  9. Outrider title plus gunner

    I agree with JayRhea. Gunner is a useless upgrade on a YT-2400 with the Outrider title.
  10. Armada Thoughts

    I recently had three friends over and we played with a single core set. One person had a Nebulon B and 2 X-Wings, another had the Corvette and 2 X-Wings, the third player had the victory and two TIE's and I had four TIE's (It was my core set and I new how to play, so I just took the TIEs). Everyone enjoyed it. And everyone believes they will like it better than X-Wing once they get the hang of the mechanics.
  11. The K-wing, guys!

    I agree. I was hoping there was an actual reason they picked that bomber, from the standpoint of game mechanics that wouldn't work for the gunboat. But nope.... They should have used the gunboat and given it the SLAM action, too.
  12. The K-wing, guys!

    If I remember right, the Turbolaser on the K-Wing wasn't a true capital turbolaser. It was called that, but nowhere near as powerful.
  13. However, you will be charged 24% interest on the cost of the upgrade, which you must take from you victory points at the end of the match.
  14. Card Templates

    I've started on card templates. There are some models out there which can be used in game and some interest in using them. As such, cards and base plates will be needed. Currently, I've only completed the ship card template. Next up will be ship base plates and then I'll do squadron cards and bases before doing upgrades. It is a photoshop template. If anyone wants to use this template to create a plug in for Strange Eons or html, be my guest. As you'll notice, I could not identify all of the fonts, so the cost and speed table font are different, than the original cards. In addition, the main font used for numbered values on the cards is commercial only and I was unable to find a free version. Even if I paid for the font, everyone else who wanted to use the template would have to pay for it. As such, The values are not text input, but rather different layers which a user can make visible as needed. There are invisible templates which can be used to center things like ship icons and attacks. If anyone finds the missing fonts, please let me know. I'll update the template. Please post any feed back. ***TEMPLATES UPDATED 5/1/15***