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  1. Ship Signatures! v2

    I still come to this thread semi-regularly. Looks like we're in trouble for the next waves. I only found the Hound's Tooth:
  2. Ship Signatures! v2

    I'd love to add my wave 7 ships in icons. Any pixel artist want to respond to this call?
  3. Full details are here; Quick changes: new TIE advanced pilots Extra Munitions collision management (do your move, press 'C', enjoy a collision aide automatically placed) same auto-placement for barrel roll, decloaks (std and echo), bomb spawner token (with multiple fwd 1,2,3 and hard turn 3 templates) The tedium of pulling those tokens, manually rotate them (sometimes with fine rotations), then place them besides a ship is a thing of the past!
  4. Details:
  5. Asteroid placement question

    for combat, they use the wording: "at range x" and not "within range x" they even put out a whole paragraph for "at vs. within" p.8 of the main FAQ (sept 26th)
  6. Asteroid placement question

    the epic placement rules are a much different beast. -Place them in pairs, altenating between players -both members of the pair have to be fully within range 1 of each other, there's no word restricting them touching, or even overlapping. -restriction relative to the sides are ALSO weird, that's the one most people misread, because they're written as "not within range 1-2 of either player edge". This means you can put an asteroid straddling between range 2 and 3 of a player edge and it will respect the condition that the asteroid is "not within range 1-2" since a part of it is inside range 3. -Final point keeps going, no asteroid from a pair can be within range 1-2 of an asteroid from another pair, so it can too straddle between range 2 and 3.
  7. I find it hard to keep Jan Ors within range of Dash even just using her ability at range 1-3. Dash wants to roam free and avoid arcs with engine, PTL and barrel roll. I can't imagine trying to keep a range 1 tether.
  8. I've played HWK in vassal tournaments since they were released. Use #1 (wave 3) Roark + Ibtisam + 2x Rookies Use #2 (wave 3) Garven + Kyle + 2x blues Use #3 (wave 4) Jan Ors decked out with VI + classic Dash 58 point build, to get a 98 point initiative build so I can beat mirror dash lists. I did alright with all of those. I never felt the HWK was so bad that it was auto-exclude, far from it.
  9. Full details: Quick details: -TIE Advanced spoilers added -IG-2000 spoilers added (and its dial, making it playable) -CR90 main turret range finder fixed (had a mistake in it)
  10. Forgot to post here, here is the preview posts that explains the new changes: Preview part 1/2: Preview part 2/2: Release post (preview part......3/2): The maps are streamlined. A very small number of maps were integrated into the main module and a filtering and selection of the best map are now into a unique, new, supported map pack (all other won't be supported anymore): Universal_Map_Pack_v1.0 download page for vassal's module: Guide for installing and getting your feet wet:
  11. Afewmaneuvers Vassel X-wing league

    Theorist and antigrapist just announced one today, on Team Covenant. Subscriptions until Sept 15th.
  12. New to vassal

    You can find players at many odd hours, just advertise you're new in your room name. Many people are welcoming to new players. And you can try to read up how to get ready for a game here (in case you weren't aware):
  14. main features bullet list: *range-1-2-3 overlays around asteroids *automated barrel rolls + normal decloaks (i.e. non-Echo decloaks) *up to 3 epic ships can be used per player, each with their separate damage decks. *New damage deck dispensing method *A 5.1.0 player won’t even be able to see any 5.1.2 player’s asteroids. Forced incompatibility (read links to see why) *Main weapon CR90 target validation download page to the module: to installing, installing over an old version, and using the module: