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  1. Come and join in the IMP ASS skirmish mayhem at our club in Enfield. We are getting used to the play before possibly organising a play day one weekend in a couple of months. Rich J
  2. What are your thoughts of this new game?

    Love it - if the game was crap I would still love it for the miniatures and terrain tiles. But the game - especially the skirmish mode is pretty awesome too.
  3. My repaints ready for action

    Hi Thanks. Basically the ships were just washed and dry brushed using GW Foundry and Vallejo paints. Tend to mix as needed so not much help I'm afraid.
  4. My repaints ready for action

    Yeh we have 3 of us travelling up for the Patriot games event and then have the Tabletop Nation event down here on the Sunday. The Ferengi ship is cool but not a game breaker power wise which is just right for a limited edition.
  5. My repaints ready for action

    Here is a pic of some of my repaints ready for the next OP on Saturday.
  6. Looking for Sleeve Pages

    Oh ok - sorry thought you were talking about the A-wing cards - which I think are a better size than the tiny A-wing ones, which are a pain to look through.
  7. Looking for Sleeve Pages

    We are using the ultra pro books to keep ours in. Better than loose pages and a file as its slim enough to fit in top of my carry case.
  8. Printing a Playmat in the UK

    I'm now 20 quid poorer - got a 4x3 so we can play 150-200 points.
  9. A - Wing event UK

    At Dark Sphere in London - part of Wizkids campaign so lots of goodies up for winning
  10. I think it would be great as there are no forums out there yet - most STAW players are X-Wing players as well