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  1. Advice for hosting a tournament

    That would be simpler, yes, but no one owns a mat, except me. I might go the painted hardboardroute...
  2. Advice for hosting a tournament

    Thanks for the feedback. As far as sportsmanship issues, the group is pretty new, I'm not sure those kind of tactics have had time to develop in this meta. Also, after thinking about it, I'll probably go closer to 75 minutes per round, as there seems to be time for it. I just anticipate things taking longer than expected, so I want to make sure there's wiggle room in the schedule. Everything is pretty much figured out, but I'm still a little iffy on the play areas. Some cheap, thin hardboard would make things easier with the tables. The venue i got has 30"X8' tables available for free, so i could slide two up against each other to make a 60x8 table that provides for two games at once. the hardboard will make sure the play area is even. But as far as the surface goes, I have one mat. for the rest, in a perfect world, we would also have mats. BUT that's were I'd like to cut the costs a bit: Felt has always worked for me, but can be a little...fuzzy. Also, with felt, i could wrap the hardboard, but that would make the edges not sharp enough for an easy ruling on flying off the board.I could do paint...If i cut the hardboard to 48x48, and tape and spray-paint a black square 36x36 in the middle, that makes the play area real defined. or i can just paint a 36x36 hardboard, the edges are just as sharp, and it may look a bit neater.Are there other options for the play areas I'm not thinking of? I like the grip of felt, but don't like the edges or the fuzziness. i like the idea of paint, but lack of grip might be an annoyance. what about a rubber-y top coat, like coal tar epoxy...or maybe something similar but cleaner?
  3. Ok so this might just be my brain vomiting onto the keyboard… i’ll be organizing a tourney in a couple months with anywhere between 8 and 30 people. I been giving it a lot of thought but, this would be my first time TO’ing. Any advice? the specifics are as follows 3 or 4 swiss rounds, 3 rounds if it stays under 10 people. 60 minute rounds? is this too short? Nobody in attendance has been to a tournament before so I’m thinking most games would come to time at 60 minutes, but i also only have about 8.5 hours for the tourney. If i did 75 minute rounds, i could allow for up to 30 minutes between each round. I can also allow for a 1 hour meal break. that all fits snugly into 8.5 hours. is this a bit restrictive? enough rounds? Also, I don’t really understand how Byes work… Anyway, as this is my first, and i can’t be invested in match outcomes, I will be purely TO’ing, not competing. Just seems like the most efficient use of manpower, allow things to move along smoothly, also seems fair. This isnt supposed to be strictly official, just using the official rules as a template. The players don’t all have X-Wing but there’s a lot of interest. So the biggest hurdle is figuring out supplies. We will be making some adjustments to official rules that fit this situation best, such as: Card proxying will be allowed. Not everyone is going to buy into this before the event, but the hope is that they will after. So, as they will all be sharing a couple of collections, its cleaner if they print squads instead of pulling out each card. cards will be used along with the FAQ for rules reference though. Model Proxying will not be allowed. Its just not xwing if its broken down to just the bases. So, we are going to try to have all models covered. Because of this, players that need to borrow ships will need to register their builds up to two weeks before hand. My X-Wing budget has been on hold for quite some time, I should be able to supplement the available ships quite a bit to make sure everyone’s provided for, within reason. Prizes: Custom painted mini, glass trophy, laser cut templates. I really, really, wanted to have a few official coins made kind of like the super bowl coin, just for initiative in xwing, specific for this event, but I can’t exactly justify the 100 count minimum order most places require. Sorry this is a bit eclectic, I think thats everything that has come to mind. I have the venue. everything is all set up, i just need to figure out the details before August. In the mean time, I'll also be messing with Cryodex to get the feel for it. Thoughts? Advice? Critique? Ideas? Anyone? Bueller??
  4. Armada repaints and other stuff

    oh wow, wave 1! wait a second....
  5. How to play the game.

    You can always ask specific questions here, there are no dumb questions as the rulebook's structure may not be intuitive to some. What specific part of the cards are you referring? the stats on the pilot cards? I understand being a bit vague just to get pointed in the right direction, but if you explain the confusion a bit, I'm sure we could help you here.
  6. Armada repaints and other stuff

    Beautiful stuff, man.
  7. Yeah, I was a frustrated at the stuff they chose to stream. did you see the Ray Park panel? I like Darth Maul as much as the next guy but, that was rather cringe-y. In fact about 95% of the stream induced cringing on my part...
  8. The K-wing, guys!

    It could bee seen that way. It does say "your range combat bonuses" which typically refers to the ship to which the upgrade/ability belongs. Either way, I think it needs clarification. If it is the way your thinking, someone could gamble on that even more and add outmaneuver. The gamble makes sense for a scum ship, raising the stakes, which is something that faction likes to do.
  9. The K-wing, guys!

    Here's your answer
  10. The K-wing, guys!

    so...Talonbane Cobra. It feels like this has been skimmed over as the Kihraxz seems neither as exciting nor ascontroversialas theothers. I have to say, double range bonus is a BIG deal. Am I understanding this correctly? FIVE attack dice at range one? and thats without Expose. Am I the only one freaking out a little at this?
  11. The K-wing, guys!

    That's what's funny about some of the complaining about the ships designs really. Although, with some ships there's room for interpretation as there's only b&w comic art. All in all though, there's no reason to complain about it as if its FFG's fault. This, though is reasonable. FFG had their pick of other ships. I'm not sure why they didn't jump at the chance to get some more variety other than the Twin Ion engine design the empire seems to be chock-full of. On the other hand, I can understand the desire to keep the Empire looking uniform.
  12. The K-wing, guys!

    I think your right there..its the k-wing's third ion engine. needs to be 33% more expensive.
  13. The K-wing, guys!

    the three things I'm really curious about are: The Hounds Tooth's crazy arc How FFG will make ordinance worth its cost. With the Inter....i mean Punisher, it seems like they have an opportunity to buff ordinance. How the K-wing will feel. The K-wing should be one of the more powerful ships the rebels have, it will be interesting if they try to incorporate the turbolaserEdit: Something i just thought of: I suppose it would be hard to balance if the K-wing had an epic hardpoint?
  14. The K-wing, guys!

    https://twitter.com/teamcovenant/status/589182443686506496 I'm stoked!
  15. In case you dont know: FFG's panelduring Star Wars Celebration is today at 1:30PM PST. anyone else going to be watching the Live Stream? I'm expecting to see what "products" they have been working on for episode VII, assuming the announce anything. I mean, they have to announce and show off something right?