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  1. Hey Mel, just to clarify things. Are the freighters supposed to utilize the small starship bases, or the solo squadron bases. And I presume the light transport / shuttle sized craft are intended to use the squadron bases. Also, I find it almost comical that you've read my mind. I was thinking looking at the Wave I and II ships for the Imperials that it would be sweet to get an Interdictor at some point. And there it was. Also, kudos on being able to work out the complicated bases. Have you had the opportunity to try them yet?
  2. The K-wing, guys!

    Honestly wondering why they did the "dumb" TIE variant when the Missile Boat does essentially same thing but better/faster. And on top of that the K-Wing introduces the SLAM system that was originally designed and implemented on the Missileboat first. Hounds tooth, K-Wing, and the Ixy I'll take. Modified Bomber design I can leave. Probably get anyways, but I'd have rather had something else instead.
  3. So I figured I'd repost this here since I was searching the internet for a rough scale estimate. In other news as of five seconds after posting this I realized that I'm a big dummy and apparently cant read English after a long shift or something and did not notice that Mel posted this originally on the FFG forums as a result: Link to original thread here: Needless to say I'm embarrassed by this oversight, but the potentiality of getting to see some more ships from Mel is overriding my self induced bruised ego.
  4. vassal module

    The Assault Frigate Mk1 was in the X-Wing games. The Assault MK2 is from Empire At War. I'll see if I can get a top down screen here in a second. Otherwise BulldogUK has built one to X-Wing scale from scratch and might be able to get you some top down images. He's got a thread in the customs section of the forums here.
  5. Probably going to order: Imperial Fighters Set I I just took some measurements by the way Mel, using an imperial standard tape measure and I couldn't be bothered to get it down to the exact exact CM so I rounded up/down if it was within 2 or so of a full .25". Any idea what scale FFG is roughly going off of? I can't seem to find any info beyond it's a "Sliding Scale". VSD L 5.5" Stem to stern. W 3.25" From the rearmost corners of the hull, not the wingtips. H 1.5" / 2.0" First number is to the top of the shield gens, second is to the top of the antenna/launcher. CRV L 2.25" Stem to stern. W 0.75" Width of engine block. H > 0.5" Barely less than .5" Height of engine block. This is roughly comparable in size, marginally smaller: This one is roughly the same size: Different class, but probably most accurate since it's fair bit smaller being in 1/4222: In the case of the Corvette class ships, smaller probably doesn't hurt anything since it's obviously overscaled a bit by FFG. FRG L 3.5" Stem to stern. W 0.75" At the widest point, being the engines. H 0.75" To the top of the antenna. Would love to see more of your X/W minis converted. The addition of loads of freighters and light-medium capships would be phenomenal additions since there isn't much worry for massive scale/cost issues like in X-Wing. Realistically this game seems like it uses a system so similar to the X-Wing games it should be fairly easy to custom craft ship stats and upgrades. But basing the starships themselves looks like it may be tricky. I dunno how feasible it is to print up something comparable to the FFG versions for the small-med-large ships with the rotating dials for shields. It'd certainly be costly I imagine to have printed if the current available printed bases for X-Wing are any indication. I imagine it could be do-able but I have no real talent for 3d modeling, so I don't know how hard it would be to put it all together initially and have it mechanically function. I suppose pen & paper or the X/W shield tokens would be simple enough to use in a pinch worst case scenario. Or I suppose use custom ships as substitutions for the official ship models and use alternate ship tokens to plop down on the existing bases. Starfighters are probably going to be the easiest to get based since they will be selling fighter packs from the official store, and they come with bases/dials. I think all we'd really need for customizing those are some printable decals and a custom disk to stick them to, which should be pretty simple to make up to spec. Of course the ship stat card would be needed as well, but that's probably the "easy" part. OR perhaps just the decals to glue onto the disks that will likely come with the fighter packs since the idea would be to essentially replace the models the bases came with; just a thought. Wish they'd market freaking replacement bases either way, no idea what to do if these break on me. Probably don't market them simply if to prevent us from easily providing alternate game models in addition to their products.
  6. Any X-Wing alliance modders out there?

    You have to own the game to install the upgrade models. The XWAU project polices their models pretty hardcore due to Freelancer, Empire at War, Sins of a Solar Empire, Homeworld, ect. modders stealing their content and using it without permission. Not to mention it's to discourage pirating the game, as at this time most of the installers require that you have the disks in the drive to install. If you ask permission on the XWAU site they may (and have been in the past) kind enough to allow paper model makers to utilize their models and textures for the sole purpose of the papermodelbuildingexperiencetm. If you don't ask for permission first in any case, you'll regret it once word gets around. It always does. Seriously. Don't piss off Darksaber by using his or the other creators models for any purpose without permission. GOG just released XWA on their site, but you will need to wait for the XWAU installers to be upgraded to detect the GOG files to install the craft packs to that version. Darksaber is working on that, so just be patient. In the meantime you could always use the base game assets for your purposes. It's like 10 bucks so it's worth your while to pick up for the game experience. Just make sure you own a flight stick or you can't launch the game.
  7. Help creating custom cards Pilot Names

    Is the YT2400 section a typo? The YT2000 was Thomaas Azzameen's personal ship, Ace Azzameen then inherited it after his death. To my knowledge they never owned a YT2400. They did have several YT1300s though, and of course multiple freighters of various classes since they had a shipping company, so it is conceivable that they had a YT2400 lying around somewhere. Personally I'd probably rate Ace higher, since there isn't a lot of evidence of Thomaas' pilot abilities. As for the Raven's Claw section, I'd probably flip Jan and Kyle since she's predominantly the one flying the Crow/Claw. In the FFG stat cards she's also rated as a higher PS 8 vs 6 IIRC, so there is precedent for that skill order existing already. The Rogue Shadow entry I'd drop Starkiller entirely since that's Galen Marek's Imperial code name. Both Galen Marek and Starkiller are colored blue, which I'm assuming means Imperial. If you decided to keep both names, I'd change Galen Marek to rebel since he's working with the Alliance as well as the Empire as a double agent. Though, there isn't much distinction between the two names in regards to his 'official' capacity as far as I can tell since the articles I've read alternate between the two seemingly at will, so you could flip either one and it'd probably be fine. I really like most of the Scum ships, especially the ones featured in Galaxies, they're pretty accurate. I wouldn't change much there. ATR-6 section I'd add rebel units such as Storm Unit, the Donol (named transport - no other details), and Tango Group DX-9 Similarly could use Goat, Raider, Del, Dawn, Dagger, Lightning and Rehnoek for the rebel faction. Admittedly though some of the above for both ATR and DX groups may be better off as titles. I'll do some more research and update if anything strikes me as relevant.
  8. The Lost Star, a Yt-1300 mod.

    Digging the concept but my .02 is that you should add a few other things to change the lines of the rear and sides a little and do a total repaint, the colors will pull the modifications together with the rest of the craft and it will make the ship look far more put together. As of now it looks strange as is with the ultra smooth/glossy FFG paint job and your repaint contrasting in style and application greatly. The eye is drawn to the modifications, and the changes you made while well done, look like a hack job as a result. Maybe also try to build up the lambda cockpit to the same thickness and shape of the mandibles and blend them together, and also perhaps blend the rear of the cockpit in with the dorsal plate's lines, and then blend that into the disk of the surrounding hull giving it a smoother shape. Maybe do the same to the port and starboard sides of the ship that house the escape pod and gangway. I think that would be another step towards getting it closer to your concept image. If that was your goal.
  9. Huge Ship: Nebulon-B Frigate

    Outside of the FFG rules, the answer is still a resounding "NO". The X-Wing series games (all of them), as well as Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed expansion all had both CR90's and the Assassin class modified corvettes, they both have big blind spots directly behind the engine block of the ship. If you stay dead center of the block within 20-50 meters you are effectively screened by the mass of the ship from its own weapons. The downside though is that you would take damage from the engine wash if you were too close, and it was a very narrow blind spot, so if the ship maneuvered unexpectedly, or you didn't follow it precisely you would expose yourself to one of the dorsal or ventral turbolasers. As for the Frigate, it is rather mediocre. It's weapon's are very light and are only point defense weapons, and the shielding is also weak. They are not designed for heavy combat, they are a support vessel in role. In my tests in X-Wing Alliance the results are the following. In XWA the Nebulon-B has one turbolaser turret on either side of the fore and aft sections. The CR90 has dorsal and ventral turbo lasers, and two quad lasers on port and starboard sides. I'll try and see if I can draw up a diagram of the fire arcs for the Nebbie but it's basically 180 degrees from each turret hardpoint arcing out from the hull with blind spots straight ahead and behind. A skilled pilot could use these to their advantage.. I can also get some screenshots of that too I think for general positioning... CR90 vs NebB 2 kilometer range - inside weapon ranges for both ships CR90: 49% shields no hull damage. Outmaneuvered the Nebulon B by getting out of its starboard firing arc and poured fire into its fore section. Nebulon B: Destroyed in under 60 seconds of sustained fire from all of the CR90's weapon systems. 4 kilometer range - outside weapon ranges of both ships Nebulon B: Engaged the CR90 at 2.7km, took shields down 20% before the other ship entered firing range at 2.5km CR90: Maneuvered into the forward blind spot again, was able to destroy the Nebulon B and still have 48% shields remaining. 4 Kilometer range - player controlled CR90 CR90: Poured full energy into the engines to try and outflank the frigate and attempt to disable the engines. Nebulon B: Straight ahead full! The result from this particular engagement actually was substantially different. The frigate and corvette were equally matched at this position as the frigate was able to bring both starboard batteries to bear on the opposing ship. Both ships were trading hit for hit and lost shield and hull at an even rate. At one point the CR90 lost targeting, fire, and flight control systems after the shields went down, also one of the engines was disabled. However, the trajectory brought it into the slight blind spot that is directly behind the frigate's engine block just long enough for targeting and fire control to re-initialize and the frigate landed fewer shots than it otherwise had been able to put out and the corvette was able to jump ahead in damage output and was able to just barely destroy the frigate as it started taking fire again that would have inevitably resulted in its destruction. I went in without recharging the shield systems as the frigate didn't seem to be recharging them in any of the previous tests to keep us on even ground. Had I been managing the shield systems, came in on a direct heading, with full shields front I imagine results would have been different. Also, to note game engine wise the advantage that the Nebulon-B and Modified Nebulon B-2 variant (which has more weapons and shielding) has over other ships, is that the capital ships all target center of mass, which on the two Nebbies happens to be that narrow center spar between the fore and aft sections resulting in 30% odd more shots missing entirely. If I were to link fire and direct on either fore or aft sections, I expect that the focused fire from the CR90's weapon systems would have a rather devastating effect on the frigate, especially with 200% shields fore and maximum recharge rate. Speed an maneuverability for the frigate is also substantially slower than the CR90 also, and requires a wider arc for turns. The corvette is also actually able to decrease its thrust output to 33% to increase its turn rate substantially, and can easily outmaneuver larger ships at closer ranges. I also did a test with an Imperator I class dreadnought at 6km, and it made short work of the frigate even with the 30-60% misses of the turbolasers due to splash damage and rate of fire from a rather substantial array of systems, with zero risk to itself due to being 3x outside of the Nebulon-B's maximum weapons range. Versus TIE Bombers, a flight of 6 were able to take it out and sustain zero losses from 2.5km and breaking off about 1km from the frigate. The frigate was able to neutralize 1/3 of the proton torpedoes on the way in using its turrets as point defense systems, but unfortunately for it the other 2/3 that made it in were enough to bring its shields down to 26% in the first volley, and the hull down to 54% on the second, and by then the point defense systems were unable to shoot down more than 1/6 torpedoes and was destroyed. ISD is a beast huh? And back onto the subject of the CR90 vs Nebulon-B even though that statistically the frigate has stronger shields, the corvette's hull is sturdier, and so far the frigate has been destroyed 2/3 of the time vs the corvette with roughly 50% shielding remaining, and 1/3 the time almost destroying the corvette due to disabling ship systems. Some of which obviously is pilot vs AI skill, and partially mechanics. Though looking at the stats, and the weapon loadouts ingame they are fairly evenly matched all things considered. My recommendation would be to figure out the firing arcs for the frigate, but don't give it a turret weapon unless it is a missile launcher, allow it one less maneuverability than the CR90 (somehow if possible - I haven't been able to use large ships yet, though I have them so I can't comment on FFG rules) boost its shielding above the CR90's by double, and reduce its hull by 1/3 perhaps. I would also say that modifications, as well as the ability to load missiles are appropriate since those can be easily added or removed after market. As an aside, I personally think that it would be nice to see the ability to utilize the existing arcs as ion turrets either as an upgrade, or pre-existing system feature that "may" be used in substitution of X weapon attacks, since in my mind coming from the X-Wing series games, all the larger ships have one to a few to begin with.
  10. Has the Rebel Aces' boat sunk?

    The A-Wing looks pretty sweet, and it looks different enough to almost be the R22 which is what it is obviously painted to represent. The B-Wing. Well, its paint job is pretty "Meh". I'll likely wind up repainting it to either match my other one, or do something else entirely. A little disappointed with the B/W cards, but the A/W is pretty slick. The proton rockets at range 1 of at least one imperial ship of a card gets a pretty big boost on the A/W with 3+ agility.
  11. Bad news from Shapeways

    Yeah, I ordered the Action 6 as soon as I saw the $33 price increase, since I was procrastinating on purchasing it since I couldn't decided what I wanted. I'm bummed about the M/CRV, I wanted to get that next time I had that much to spend. I do have two suggestions though for the larger stuff. 1) Split it into small sections and sell them independently but give the option to group them together for sale like Topo does with his bulk freighter, kind of like you did with the larger scale Nebbie, and have a PDF for instructions for assembly. 1a)If you start selling them in sections you can model battle damage at the ends that connect and puzzle piece them together, so one could magnetize them and either use them for wreckage adding another dynamic to the game after a ship explodes, or just use them as obstacles till they can afford to buy the whole ship, and on the plus side it otherwise could make things easier for transportation of the model. 2) Spring for a one-off master (If you don't already have one that you can use) that you can make molds for and cast up a bunch of copies in resin and sell them for $50-150 range a piece and recoup the cost of the initial master model (and casting materials) purchase(s), then use further sales profits to fund other larger ships. Just a thought. On the bright side, some of the models really do get cheaper, and only comparatively marginal price increases, and decreases for others. Nothing too terrible. I'm still hoping that you continue to work with the 'larger' ships and are able to come out with some more cargo freighter variants, and corvette / light frigate class starships, and that this price increasing doesn't discourage you too much in that regard. I mean really, it isn't looking all that bad all things considered since only nine ships are going up considerably, and only the Marauder is prohibitively expensive (I'd still save for it though, mind). Heck, the Nebbie is only going up just a little bit in comparison, and realistically it's already one of the more 'planned purchase' type of ships anyways. On the up side the Sentinel is going down like fifty bucks. And continuing to look on the positive, most of the ones going up are primarily epic play ships, or ships that one would normally buy as one offs either way, so the price going up doesn't necessarily make them un-viable purchases, just more time spent saving for them. Thanks for the heads up either way, and keep up the good work!
  12. X-Wing Alliance Theme'd project log

    Red Squadron After Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker founded Rogue Squadron, Red Squadron was stood down and put under the command of a pilot by the callsign "Nomad". Nomad formed the new unit with the collaboration with Special Forces Command and filled the unit withSpecial Forces Troopers from the 5th Regiment, who showed some aptitude for operating starfighters. Red Squadron while generally considered an X-Wing unit, it commonly deployed as a mixed ship unit in common practice. Aside from commonly being short on ships and pilots, the squadron often operated alone without the assistance of other fighter squadrons to fill the gaps in their combat capabilities. As a result the squadron's MO was to be as versatile as possible to make up for these deficiencies. The squadron also employed commando tactics and would often carry out raids on the ground with little to no support. Often times the unit would operate deep within Imperial space, or in the outer rim for months at a time without support of any kind. The pilots of Red Squadron became adept at subterfuge, hit and run tactics, and very familiar with Imperial equipment and would often utilize Imperial ships and weaponry in stunning raids that would leave the Imperial forces reeling. Unfortunately due to the nature of their tactics and mission objectives, there were substantial losses when things went south. Their exploits would have been legendary. However, due to the nature of the unit their brazen acts, such as capturing an Imperial Interdictor Cruiser with minimal resources, largely goes unrecognized outside of the Special Forces and Intelligence communities. Eventually however, the squadron was decommissioned due to being unable to keep a stable roster as their operations were so high risk. Out of the original roster only four pilots survived. The pilots being the following "Nomad", "Angel", "Sith", and Horn. Nomad retired as a Captain and got a job in the corporate sector managing a deep space factory. Horn coming into the unit late in the squadron's operational lifetime did a brief stint with the unit and at the squadron's closure, and is currently serving in Rogue Squadron. Angel met a girl on leave once upon a time, and decided to PCS out of the Alliance Military for good. He is living happily ever after on Corellia. Sith was moody and had a dark side during his time within the unit, which possibly led to his disappearance shortly after the unit closure. He was never heard from again. The squadron leader's fighter of choice was the B-Wing, and often elected to utilize the craft over his X-Wing. "Nomad" would always lead from the front on any strike operation. His flight capabilities were second to none. Red One: "Nomad" I was wondering what to do with my B-Wing, that is until I stumbled into GrimWolf's thread. Thanks for the inspiration! My painting isn't as clean as his, not only do I lean towards a more dirty look but plainly put am not as talented a painter as he is, or I would like to be. Also while his creme color looks totally ace, I wanted to stick to more of a light grey for mine. I knew that I wanted something fairly unique (and simple) for my B-wing since Nomad really was a beast in this ship and I still remember how hard he was to take out if he was flying in it.
  13. X-Wing Alliance Theme'd project log

    Civilian Factions The Azzameen Family YT-2000 "Otana" FRS31 "Andrasta" Yes, sans-Twi'lek. I'm still working up the courage to try free-handing her on there. YT-1300 "Sabra" <WIP> MTRN "Vasudra" <WIP> Action VI "Big Score" <WIP> Viraxo/Pirates T-Wing "28" Cloakshape "29" R41 "25" Toscan "26" Pursuer "Enkidu" Sorry about the picture quality, my daylight bulb is giving pictures a pinkish tinge. Updated pics when it's not dark and raining.
  14. Project Log Introduction As a forward I'd just like to provide a bit of information behind my inspiration for my project logs. I started playing the X-Wing series around 1998, and being interested in star wars since about 1995 when I was still a little kid I was shortly hooked. This addiction led me further into the Star Wars universe, and has continued on ever since. In May 2004 I joined up with a group called Rebel Special Forces, who predominantly played the X-Wing series, along with Rogue Spear/Jops for ground action since there were no multiplayer star wars games beyond Jedi Knight, which was also actively played for a while. During this time I might note that I was only about fourteen or fifteen when I joined up, I honestly can't remember and I really don't feel like going back and counting the years, needless to say this was a fairly formative time in my 'growing up'. I met a lot of great guys, and had lots of fun over the next five years that the group was still active. Some of which I still keep in touch with via either email, or Facebook, and occasionally ship each other Christmas presents when we are thinking about it during the holidays. As I've already alluded the group eventually wore itself out, interest in the games that were officially supported dwindled, and attempts to bring in new games to freshen things up was rather half hearted at best. Seemingly all of a sudden, everybody had different interests and none of them were the same. So while the website is active, the group as a whole is not. Although to this day you will find remnants of us playing various games, mostly the then younglings are playing Battlefield and Call of Duty, and most of the old timers, well, I can't really say I've been able to keep in touch with them much. I do however, remember. I remember when we took down an Interdictor cruiser with only two X-Wings a B-Wing, and a DX9. Only to capture it and rename it the War Bagle and use it with great efficiency in our 'campaigns' to the Imperials shame. Quite silly, but that was the point. I remember, we had fun. Loads and loads of fun. Then a year or two ago I heard an X-Wing theme'd miniatures game came out and I honestly didn't want to play it. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I had so much nostalgia for the games, and a table top version just wasn't the same. I don't know. Either way I didn't pick it up until recently on a whim. It isn't the same. It isn't by any means better. It is however, really darn fun and does vaguely remind me of how dynamic XWA could be! Turns out, it's just as addictive as the old games were. I now wish I had picked it up on release, so much fun I have missed. To end things, perhaps the TL;DR version is that I guess my intention is to use my project log(s) as a memorium for a number of years spent active playing X-Wing Alliance with a rather tight knit group of gamers. Project Log Details Rebel forces will be based loosely off of both RSF, XWA, and canon Star Wars themes and units. (Subject to change) Imperial forces will be based off of possibly "The Emperor's Hammer" clan fleet organization plus SW canon. Neutral factions will be based loosely off of XWA, and Star Wars canon/EU and my changing whims. This section of the log will cover the 1/270 and appropriately scaled larger vessels. Another section, since my ambition is to have an actual capital ship fleet will be opened when the relevant ARMADA forum is opened after the game's release, and inter-linked at that time. The first three posts following this one are 'reserved' for completed ships from their respective generalized 'factions'