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  1. AFIIA: 135 81 base Raymus 7Advanced Projectors 6Paragon 5XI7 6Mon Mothma 30 Vette A: 44 Vette B: 47 39 base Overload PulseVette B: 52 39 base Dodonna's PrideIntel Officer 2x A-wing Squadrons: 22 Total: 300 Objectives: TBD Particularly looking for objective and tactical advice though list amendments are not off the table and certainly welcome too. Thanks!
  2. how to get into the game?

    How's it going MasterCboath? I'll echo most of the above post here, $100 is a very feasible entry price if that's your starting budget, I don't think I really committed initially beyond a starter set and a Y-wing. That also happens to be the exact cutoff (well, $99) for free shipping at Miniature Market. Discountgamesinc.com is a great backup, they ship free for $50, and dont let the marginally (in every sense of the word, we're talking another dime or two) higher prices there turn you off, they're great if MM is out of a lot of what you want. You'd obviously need your core set, $27 new from either above source (which Ill assume you're picking one of, if not that's your choice but the math'll need revising). From there you could pick a faction and focus on competitively playing them exclusively, as I did with Rebels despite enjoying the occasional game with my extraneous Bomber, Defender and 3 TIE's :) I can only really speak for this approach as it was mine when I started. Let's say you're thinking Rebels. The Yt1300/Falcon is a great foundation; solid ship, good upgrade lineup that'll easily support other ships, no real way to go wrong here. Should you like the large ships, plenty of highly competitive lists field two of them, or a tag team of one and its more agile YT2400 cousin, my 2nd favorite ship in the EU and game. A B-wing is another workhorse rebel ship, incredibly reliable with a lot more flexibility than given credit for, I actually can't think of much I can't get it to do, short of dodging attacks or chasing things across the board quite as well as a TIE Interceptor or Phantom. I'd even consider two but if you're hesitant to go too crazy with duplicates, this is the game to play, as buying one of everything that looks/sounds/plays cool will not kick your list making in the nuts to the degree as, say, 40k. The X-wing standalone expansion is actually worth considering and might be considered an exception to my immediate above statement, as it contains not only some decent upgrades but Wedge Antilles, arguably one of the best pilots in the game to this day despite it being a wave 1 release (right after core set). The Y-wing's got a lot of the same things going for it as a B-wing, with a turret instead of a forward facing cannon upgrade slot, another very early release I still use all the time, very little has gotten "phased out" as this game ages which is a huge turn on for me. A-wings are good for rapid ordnance delivery and might be around to dogfight for a turn or 2 but the massively lower health compared to even the weakest thing above (X-wing) just doesnt let it do much more, though if you go rebel-exclusive it is STILL our only source of the coveted "Push The Limit" upgrade and would be worth thinking about just for that, though the other source (the imperial aces pack) comes with two and might be worth considering if you want Imperial too, as I said I really didn't. Ordnance in this game is discarded on use, one shot abilities. This most recent wave actually made an attempt to fix that through an upgrade card included with the K-wing and TIE Punisher, making (in my opinion) these newest releases particularly relevant even to new guys, which could not as easily be said about past waves. At this point I think we have a half-decent shopping list together that'll get you on your way making surprisingly tight lists in-budget:: Core set: $27YT1300: $20B-wing: $10X-wing: $10Y-wing:$10A-wing: $10K-wing: $14Total: $101 (rounded up, so like $100.64) and shipping free remember. Not a bad start. You could of course plug in any imperial ships of the same price point and not really have issues starting them, or switch out any $20 for a YT2400 or Aces pack (which I'd hold off on as they seem meant to support collections that already have an A and B which they come with, or Inties in the Imperial case) Hope this helps!
  3. Imperial Assault - Repaints

    Great job! Makes me want to finally get around to snagging this game. The minis were that belligerent to paint though? they looked nice enough..
  4. my take on Mel's "X-Wing" Liberator fighter

    LOVE the Fury. I see you're using some Corsec bases, can I gather your thoughts on those? I'm looking for a good third party to base all my shapeways stuff, almost a dozen ships now lol.
  5. Making a toy TIE/IN look a little more "lived in"

    Amazing how that works, isn't it? I had a model yesterday i was pretty confident I utterly totaled, one wash and it was beyond what I consider tabletop quality. Doesn't mean I'm satisfied but better than it WAS? You bet.
  6. Other Games

    Hey Oyster! Welcome to the Hobby, as a veteran of...wow,12 years now, I can say with certainty that you're on the right track, diversifying this early and what not. I can't tell you how many guys I've encountered who somehow play the same game for a decade (okay, SOMETIMES a bit less, but still awhile) and just buy new armies, finally try out ONE other game, more often than not X-wing actually, and have a complete and utter blast. Just wanted to commend that decision of yours before I drop any further opinions because I was one of those guys playing the same thing for over 7 of my 12 years :P I'm a longtime fan of Battletech, but agree that it's buy-in is substantial. Even so, people often misinterpret each of the books necessary for the core experience (now with a cheaper, much more streamlined alternative called Alpha-Strike) as comparable to...idk, Games Workshop codices/army books. Realistically, but for the same price, they're roughly 3x the size, full color, and all include massive amounts of awesome backstory and other fluff that give you some concept of the fascinating depth, tangible timeline with distinct eras, and incredibly complex political atmosphere I just haven't found elsewhere in a wargame, which is a testament to its longevity given it's among the games from the 80's. All in all...good choice exploring that avenue, feel free to message me or even reply here with any questions about getting started. I can also vouch for Robotech RPG: Tactics as it's a favorite at one of my local clubs. It's comparable to battletech with higher quality miniatures in my opinion and it's incredibly easy to learn yet complex enough for an old 40ker like me to enjoy, not unlike X-wing. I also love Warmachine/Hordes, which I've played on and off since 2009. It's obviously not as pick up and play as X-wing or the like, though the rules are almost if not as easy to learn once you realize it's just 3x as many numbers on the cards, not necessary directly translating to 3x more complicated :) That and Malifaux, my all time favorite RULESET (though I love the universe and miniatures too) are the definitive steampunk (with a twist) games of their approximate scale ( a half dozen models per player=medium sized game). Sci-fi wise, Infinity is an awesome one. Though widely considered "Anime inspired" or "Asian flavored" I've even heard too, and despite not normally being into that, I find it quite palatable solely as a cyberpunk enthusiast. The rules are fun and quite accurately simulate combat on that scale, i.e. shootouts from opposite ends of a 4x4 board despite the game's scale being 25mm if slightly smaller. The models are nothing short of beautiful too, I'm repainting a few now, maybe I'll throw up some pictures here or somewhere else off-topic if I'm satisfied with them lol. I think that's the majority of my lineup right now until I check out the other star wars games (Imperial Assault, Armada). RPG wise, I've yet to play it, but I got the Edge of the Empire core rulebook just for the sake of having and I'm VERY impressed. Hope this pseudo-essay of rambles helps somewhat :)
  7. What are your thoughts of this new game?

    I've played and thoroughly enjoy SWM, but only briefly saw IA played. However, from what I gathered, they are not incredibly similar, IA being compared much more often to Descent and the like, and even that fanbase rarely considers it any kind of ripoff. With what SWM stuff goes for being OOP, I feel like IA=better option if only by default. Also, there's no milking for money going on beyond it also being a star wars game. SWM is a totally different scale.
  8. Make Play mats for TRADE or Sale

    I might inquire about one in a week or so, just examining who locally might have a mat they might part with before I buy anything online. Incredible workmanship though.
  9. Ica repaints

    These are so great. I gotta get to work on my stuff, particularly love the Falcon, I wanna do mine the same way. I do love B-wings too , and yours don't disappoint.
  10. First Custom Map

    Awesome job! I have yet to acquire a play mat but need to and am still undecided on a print, this one is cool.
  11. How to make professional looking foam for your minis

    Great post, particularly for the foam link, that is an AWESOME price compared to what the hobby shops ask for this stuff just because it happens to neatly fit into an Army Transport case. Will have to buy a sheet or two for my other stuff since I've already got my Plano case hahaha. Thanks!
  12. Just wondering what the community thinks about the HWK. One player I talked to recently said it's not incredibly feasible, if you want an Ion gunship just whip up a Y-wing. I got to thinking though, and feel like the named pilots do a LOT more than a Y-wing for any list, but idk, maybe it's not enough. Does the HWK still find a place in any of your even semi-competitive lists? If so, what pilot do you find the most useful?
  13. Tips/improvements for B-Wing List

    Great advice in particular, though I don't disagree with the rest. I have yet to fight an Inty pilot who actually has aces and/or knows that they can do this crap; Fortunately I like my turreted ships, 1 way or another :)
  14. ...I love it, thanks a lot. It even incorporates a favorite character, TWO favorite ships, and (from what I can gather before actually playing, based on your track record of great feedback and my working knowledge of the game) remains fairly competitive. Appreciated!
  15. I don't hate X-wings but I just got the ones with the core set right now, Biggs and Luke. On the other hand, I have a B-wing fetish and will soon be buying aces, granting me ALL B-wing pilots. With that said, any suggestions on new B-wing builds or, if the points really permit, a good X-wing? I could see luke being useful..