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  1. Han and target lock

    And if you used him for the first crit revealed, the second would be absorbed by the shield he generates. AMAZING card when dealt a double crit.
  2. Skill over Build

    Part of the inaccessibility is also due to the fact that we never know what "the build" is on either side.
  3. Regional Tournament Scoring

    I find it mildly amusing that they seem to be living up to their name. Should be reported to FFG if they do not follow official tourney rules, they might not be considered for future sanctioned events. But they probably don't care about that either.
  4. Replacement pegs?

    Anyone tried these? If they're a good fit they might do the trick, although a bit expensive. Keep in mind that any modifications made to the ships or bases (though not necessarily the pegs) will make them illegal for competitive events. I know that's not a big deal for a lot of people, but if you want to play in "officially" sanctioned events (like Regionals), modifications like those discussed here may be declared ineligible. It's a little frustrating that FFG has not offered them for sale separately. Maybe they'll be in wave 3... :lol:
  5. FarkonGnome's HTML Squad Builder

    Thanks for fixing that (or maybe I just missed it before... ) :?
  6. Couldn't find a thread devoted to this awesome tool which I use every day - so I started one. I wanted to report an error I just found while playing around a bit, and it just goes to show how often this particular combo gets used… If you select the Slave-1 title card for the Firespray, there is no way to add the Proton Torpedo it gives you. Not a big deal, but I thought you'd like to know. Yes, I was actually considering using that combo for about ten seconds... or at least long enough to look for it in the builder.
  7. When can you measure?

    LOL! Reference noted and totally agreed with!
  8. Why Are Silly Rules Questions Asked?

    This one certainly is. And the worst part is that comments have been closed, so there is no way to contradict the gross inaccuracies that are contained in the article.
  9. Firespray-31 rules insert?

    Huh. I don't know why the image I had in my post above disappeared. It was there before. Moderated out due to copyright issues?
  10. engineer cluster

    Excellent point. So if you only want to perform the attack once, you don't have to spend & discard. The only relevant info I can find is in the rules on page 19, under the Secondary Weapons header: "Some secondary weapons specify other requirements in parentheses after the word “Attack.” Example: The “Proton Torpedoes” card specifies “Attack (Target Lock):” In order to attack with this secondary weapon, the attacker must have already acquired a target lock on the defender." Applying this to Cluster Missiles, you have a target lock, so you can perform the attack. You only have to spend the TL and discard the upgrade card if you want to attack TWICE. Hell, I know it's not supposed to work that way, but Duraham found a very interesting loophole in the wording! I'm betting this card gets errata next FAQ!
  11. FAQ Released!

  12. Really, folks, I think I'M the one who REALLY missed something... :oops: Lots of egg on face, there...
  13. asteriods

    Not true. Tournament rules state under the Squad Building section that "A player cannot bring more than one copy of each asteroid token." So the most that could appear in a legal tournament match would be two. Ah yes, thanks. Rereading it also states that each player uses three of their own Asteroids to put down, which answers my other question. Glad that's cleared up. I was reading back through the tourney rules today on another matter, but something caught my eye and it made me think of this old thread. The version I was quoting from, and R5Don4 read too, was an earlier (v1.0, 7/18/2012) version! The CURRENT version of the tourney rules (v1.1, 11/28/2012) actually has different wording for this section, under Squad Deployment Procedure, #5: "The player with initiative places the six unique asteroid tokens from his core set next to the play area. He chooses one of these asteroid tokens and places it into the play area. Then, his opponent chooses one of the remaining asteroid tokens and places it into the play area. The players continue to alternate until all six tokens have been placed. An asteroid token cannot be placed within Range 1–2 of any edge of the play area or within Range 1 of another asteroid token." Here's the OLD one for reference: "Each player selects three asteroid tokens from his core set. Then the players take turns placing their chosen asteroid tokens into the play area, alternating after each token is placed. The player with initiative places the first asteroid token. An asteroid token cannot be placed within Range 1–2 of any edge of the play area or within Range 1 of another asteroid token. Players continue until all six asteroid tokens are placed." So only one set gets used (belonging to the player with initiative) but they are still placed alternately. This was evidently done to prevent the situation we were describing above with multiple copies of unique asteroid tokens, and to avoid mixing token sets and having to remember which ones belonged to each player. Now we don't have to worry about marking our tokens to ID them! Not a huge deal, but it caught my attention so I thought I'd pass it along.
  14. The other night my spouse and I were playing and the following situation occurred. I think we played it right but wanted to confirm. I am engaging one of her objectives with my Red Five, unopposed. Red Five focuses to strike and does 3 blast damage. Now, I want to play my Double Strike (Reaction: After a Character unit is focused to strike, remove 1 focus token from that unit) and she wants to play Force Lightning (Action: Destroy a target exhausted unit). Who gets to go first? The way we played it is this: since I was the Active Player, my Reaction went off first, and removed the focus token. She cannot play the Force Lightning on Red Five because it is not Exhausted. Since there are no opposing units, Red Five focuses again and does 3 more blast damage, destroying the target objective. NOW she can play Force lightning, and destroy my Red Five. Did we play this correctly, and why? I looked through the rulebook before we resolved this, and found wording specific to Actions (page 24), and Reactions (page 25), but nothing about an Action versus a Reaction. Since both the rulings referenced above stated that the active player gets to resolve first, that was the basis for how we ultimately played it. I guess I'm just wondering if there is some more intricate timing issue that would cause it to resolve differently. Do Reactions have to happen in an Action Window (like her Force Lightning action would) or do they happen in their own "window" that immediately happens when the triggering condition is met? Thanks for reading.
  15. Event Cards - Solved!

    Hah! I actually think I may have "contributed" to that discussion. However I'm finding more and more that when I jump into a discussion with both feet, I often end up with one of them in my mouth.