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Star Trek Tactics - Even more ships

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Hi. Well Star Trek Tactics  3 came out today and I've got a starter and some Boosters on the way.


I want to get a number of the ships in advance of possible future Attack Wing ships using custom cards until the real version (if their is one comes out).


There are 32 ships in this wave though on a lot of these only the dial and markings (if any) change.


The ships included are:


Starter set: USS Enterprise-D, Borg Scout, Borg Assimilator and Kazon Carrier.


I'll use the Enterprise-D in place of the Starter set Galaxy as it will have the relevant markings.


Other ships in the set are:


2 versions of a Federation Shuttle

2 versions of a Bajoran Interceptor

2 versions of a Bajoran Armed Freighter (Cardassians use a similar Freighter)

2 NX class ships - Enterprise and Columbia

1 Bird of Prey

2 D'Deridex

2 Constellation Class - Hathaway and Stargazer

2 versions of Bioships

2 Versions of a Kazon Raider

1 Raven Class

1 Borg Assimilator

1 Borg Scout

2 versions of a Borg Sphere

1 Borg Queen Diamond

1 Borg Tactical Cube

1 Kazon Carrier

1 Partially Assimilated Enterprise D

1 Partially Assimilated Raven

1 Partially Assimilated BOP


With the NX class ship you'll finally be able to have some 22nd Century action as you will have an Earth Ship, Romulan Ship, Klingon Ship and Vulcan ships from this era.


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