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So my imperial friend and I are debating this. I am running Latts with Bossk crew and gunner. So can bossk add /focus and TL to the Gunners primary weapon attack or does the gunner go first and bossk second. He is saying since the gunner card states "immediately" it must be fulfilled first. I don't agree. I should be able to use the TL AND FOCUS  on the Gunners attack. Any help and reference material would be great. Thanks. 

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The timing for both effects is "after you perform an attack that does not hit."  That means the order can be chosen by the controlling player.  The problem is that the usage of "immediately" seems to be rather superfluous in many cases, especially when used outside of the actual timing clause.

The best precedent for the interaction is probably the Darth Vader FAQ entry: If a ship equipped with Darth Vader can attack twice in one round (such as a ship equipped with Gunner or Cluster Missiles), it can use Darth Vader after the first attack and after the second attack. If Darth Vader destroys the ship to which he is equipped, it can still perform its second attack. If Vader is used twice, it must be in this order: Attack, Vader, Attack, Vader.

A second point to consider is that gunner is an optional effect due to the addition of the word "may" through erratum, while Bossk is a mandatory effect.  If gunner were required to be resolved before Bossk, then a new attack would start and the opportunity to use Bossk after the initial attack would be missed, and therefore the rules would be broken by not resolving a mandatory effect during its timing window.

Note the first sentence of the Bossk FAQ entry:  Bossk triggers each time you perform an attack that does not hit. If you are not stressed, you receive a stress token. If you are already stressed, you do not receive an additional stress token. Then, whether or not a stress token is received, assign 1 focus token to your ship and acquire a target lock on the defender.

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