Scum List - Talonbane with 7 Green Dice

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ok first post on here so be gentle lol.

since wave 8 has come out i made this list which focuses Talonbane getting into Range 1 of targets or conversely getting targets into Range 1 of Talonbane, and keeping them there

Talonbane 28
Stealth Device 3
Cloaking Device 2
Predator 3

Zuckuss 28
4-Lom 1
Veteran Instincts 1
Electronic Baffle 1
Mist Hunter 0
Tractor Beam 1

Kavil 24
Adaptability 0
Unhinged Astromech 1
Ion Cannon Turret 5

Total - 98

Ok so Talonbane is the main threat in this list and with the onset of Alpha Strike lists in my local area due to Guidance Chips and Concussion Missile combos, i had to figure out a way to make sure TB got close before going boom so with 4 green at Range 3 normally giving him the SD for an extra green and then the Cloak for an extra 2 green was my thinking, who would want to throw concussions at a ship rolling 7 green dice, not many.

now thats Talonbane out the way, onwards to the purpose of Zuckuss, with VI he is on the same PS as Talonbane so you can get the Tractor Beam shot off first to drag a ship into position for Talonbane. with Zuckuss' ability to roll an extra die when attacking this is especially effective on low agility ships like Y-wings, because you can almost always garuntee a shot, and for those ships that have banked a focus or evade that's where 4-Lom and Electronic Baffle comes in, which translates to just take a shield to stop your opponent using a token. Drag the ship into arc of Talonbane and they are now also at -1 AGI, so an even juicier target.

And for the slim chance that something doesn't die on the first salvo, Kavil comes in with the Ion Turret to keep them in place essentially. now you can also swap out Adaptability for VI to have them all at PS 9 but I currently don't have an extra one so i make do, Kavil can still bid upto the same PS as a VI'd IG-88 so he can still shoot first.

Well thats my list, tell me what you all think.

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