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[Article] X-wing Sequence of Play and Detailed Timing of Effects

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This is the sequence of play/timing of events document that Nick Bond created to help players and TOs determine exactly when certain events take place during the game. Most controversial interactions are addressed in this document. If you have any questions or additional interactions that you think should be addressed or updated, please leave a comment below. This should be considered a living document, meaning it will be updated as necessary when new cards are released and new rulings are made.


Sequence of Play and Detailed Timing of Effects

Created by Nick Bond (TO)

Terms and Concepts

Re-Rolling Dice

You cannot re-roll a dice that has already been re-rolled during a given step.


A ship whose base has overlapped another ship base during a manoeuvre is said to have ‘Bumped’ (Community term).

Determining ‘Overlap’ and ‘Touching’

If a ships base can be placed flat down on the play surface without moving the obstacle token or blocking ship, then no overlap has occurred. Thus, a ship may still take actions and does not suffer the effects of obstacles or upgrade cards triggered by ‘overlap’.

Overlap needs to have occurred for ships to be classed as ‘touching’ (and thus prevent attacking). Technically, ships can be in base to base contact but not classed as ‘touching’.

Triggered vs. Instant Bombs

Within this document, the word ‘triggered’ with respect to bombs indicates that the bomb was detonated due to a ship base or manoeuvre template overlapping the bomb token.

Instant’ bombs indicate that the bomb was dropped as an action and immediately overlaps a ship base.

Bombs that detonate at the end of the activation phase are never ‘instant’ bombs.


Gather Forces

(Effect remains even if card is discarded during play)

TIE/x1, TIE Shuttle, Royal Guard TIE, A-wing Test Pilot, Mist Hunter, R2-D6

Determine Initiative

Establish Play Area

Place Obstacles

(Initiative first)

Place Forces

(PS order, lowest first, Initiative first on equal PS)

Place Ship

Activate Dual Cards


Activate Shields

Prepare Other Components

Round Sequence

Planning Phase

Activation Phase

‘Start of Activation Phase’ effects

Initiative first

De-Cloak Ships

PS order, lowest first, Initiative first on equal PS

Activate Ship

  1. All Small and Large Ships: PS order, lowest first, Initiative first on equal PS
  2. All Huge Ships: PS order, lowest first, Initiative first on equal PS

‘Before Reveal Dial’ Effects

R5-X3, Engine Booster

Reveal Dial

‘Reveal Dial’ Effects

  1. Hera (pilot), Navigator, Nien Numb, R2 Astromech, Unhinged Astromech
  2. Damage Engine (Overrides above)
  3. BB8

Execute Manoeuvre

Move Ship

Check Pilot Stress

 ‘After Check Pilot Stress’ Effects

Debris Stress

Clean Up

‘After Manoeuvre’ Effects

     1. Triggered Proximity Mine damage

         Inferred to be before R2-D2: Triggered Cluster Mine damage, Triggered Conner            Net damage

         Special case if ship was Ionized before activating: Triggered Conner                              Net Ionization

     2. Remove all ION tokens

     3. Special case if ship was NOT Ionized before activating: Triggered Conner Net              Ionization

     4. Dauntless, TIE/x7, R2-D2 (astromech), Targeting Astromech, Night Beast, Lando          Calrissian (pilot), Daredevil stress

Perform Action

Skip this step if:

  1. Your Manoeuvre template crossed an asteroid OR final position of ship base overlapped an asteroid
  2. Your Ship base overlapped another ship base during Manoeuvre
  3. Your Manoeuvre template OR final position of ship base overlapped a Conner Net token (Only if netted this turn).

If not skipped:

Action bar action, Marksmanship, Daredevil, Expert Handling, Squad Leader, Expose, R2-F2, R5-D8, R7-T1, Gonk, WED-15 Repair Droid, Leebo, Lando Calrissian, Rear Admiral Chiraneau, Toryn Farr, Saboteur, Fleet Officer, Cloaking Device, Proximity Mines, Cluster Mines, Conner Net, Slicer Tools

‘After Perform Action’ Effects

  1. Debris and Asteroid Damage check.
  2. Push the Limit, Experimental Interface, Instant Proximity Mine damage, Instant Cluster Mines, Instant Conner Net damage and Ionization (Defer Ionized move to next turn if the netted ship has not yet activated this turn)

‘End of Activation Phase’ Effects

Torkil Mux

Combat Phase

‘Start of Combat Phase’ Effects

(Initiative First)

Kyle Katarn (pilot), Roark Garnet, Paolob Godalhi, Glitterstim, Swarm Tactics, Decoy


(PS order, highest first, Initiative first on equal PS)

Declare Target

(Skip this step for second attack of Cluster Missiles or Twin Laser Turret)

  1. Declare weapon and pay any costs to fire.
  2. R3-A2, Latts Razzi (pilot)

Roll Attack Dice

  1. Range 1 Primary Weapon Bonus, Jan Ors (pilot), Miranda Doni (pilot)
  2. Roll Dice

Modify Attack Dice

Heavy Laser Cannon (Skip if target is Omega Leader and Omega Leader has you Target Locked)

Defender Modifies Attack Dice

Sensor Jammer, R7 Astromech, Elusiveness

Attacker Modifies Attack Dice

Target Lock, Focus, Keyan Farlander Pilot, Rear Admiral Chiraneu Pilot, Boba Fett Pilot, Mangler Cannon, Accuracy Corrector, Mercenary Co-Pilot, 4-Lom Crew, R4 Agromech (Can Immediately use the acquired Target Lock)

Roll Defence Dice

  1. Range 3 vs. Primary Weapon Bonus, Obstructed Bonus, C3-P0 guess
  2. Roll Dice

Modify Defence Dice

C3-P0 Result

Attacker Modifies Defence Dice


Defender Modifies Defence Dice

Focus, Evade, Auto thrusters, Bobba Fett (pilot)

Compare Results

  1. Bossk (pilot), Crack Shot, Wampa, R4-D6
  2. Compare final results
  3. Tractor Beam Token

Deal Damage (1 Damage Card at a time)

Chewbacca (crew), Prince Xizor (pilot), Draw Their Fire, Salvaged Astromech

(Question as to whether the above effects reduce the ‘suffered’ damage count for purposes of Reinforced Deflectors)

‘End of Deal Damage’ Effects

Reinforced Deflectors

‘After Defending’ and ‘After Attacking’ Effects

(Both terms occur with the same timing)

  1. Valen Rudor (Anomaly due to specific FAQ)

(Initiative First)

  1. TIE/D, Dengar (pilot), R5-P8, Whisper, Turr Phennir, Wes Jansen, Darth Vader (crew), Luke Skywalker (crew), Bossk (crew), Gunner, Tactician, Boba Fett (crew), BTL-A4, Fire Control Systems, Advanced Cloaking Device

‘End of Combat Phase’ Effects

(Initiative first)

Docked Attack Shuttle, R5-P9

End Phase

‘Start of End Phase’ Effects

Corran Horn

‘During End Phase’ Effects

R5 Astromech

Remove Tokens

(Clean the Green)

Remove Focus, Evade, and Tractor tokens.

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